Michelle is available for appointment as a Title 11 Guardian ad Litem in King, Snohomish, Skagit, Island and Whatcom Counties. She has been a GAL since 2007 and has been appointed in more than 100 cases. She takes pride in being kind, respectful, patient, thorough and fair.

What is a Guardian ad LItem?

  • Guardian ad Litem (GAL) means a "guardian for the case" in latin.
  • Title 11 Guardians ad Litem are appointed by a court in a guardianship matter for an allegedly incapacitated adult.
  • The GAL acts according to the directions from the court- most often, the GAL investigates whether the alleged incapacitated person needs a guardian, who the guardian should be, and whether there are viable less restrictive alternatives to guardianship, like a power of attorney. In rare cases, the GAL is authorized to take other actions, like freeze bank accounts or make medical decisions.
  • The GAL is not a "guardian" and does not act as the attorney for the alleged incapacitated person. She does advocate for what she believes is in the best interests of the alleged incapacitated person.
  • The GAL is paid by the alleged incapacitated person, a party to the guardianship action, or by the County, depending on what the Court orders.
  • A GAL must go through special training to be certified, and attend annual education seminars.
  • The laws governing guardianship and GALs can be found here
  • The code of conduct for GALs in Snohomish County can be found here
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