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4500 - 9th Avenue NE, Suite 300, Seattle WA 98105

Phone: 206-522-4638   Fax: 206-260-3058

Please note that I often travel for my GAL work, so please make an appointment to meet with me to ensure I will be in the office.

EMAIL: I strongly prefer to communicate via email. Because I often travel for my GAL work and also have small children, I am not always able to return phone calls as quickly as I'd like. I am generally able to return phone calls within two business days, and emails by the end of the business day. My email address is, or you can use the form below. 

Directions: My office is on the third floor of the University Business Center, which is in the same building as the Sundance Theater, and our entrance is just to the left of the Theater entrance. The office suites are located on the 3rd floor, and there is an elevator in the lobby. Please check in at the front desk, and record your parking stall number.

Parking: I offer one hour of free parking to visitors in the Diamond Parking garage and lot north of the building. Entrance to the parking area is off of 47th street, by the corner of 9th and 47th. Eligible stalls are in that public lot and on the 2nd and 3rd levels of the parking garage. (The basement level is for Trader Joe’s parking only.) You may park for one hour for free in any of the stalls from #1 – 157. To validate the parking, simply remember the parking stall number and your license plate number, and then sign in on the clipboard in the reception area on the 3rd floor of the business center. (No need to do anything outside!) Please note, if you stay longer than one hour, you may be ticketed unless you purchase an extra hour, which you can do at the Reception Desk in the business center. The rate is $5 for an additional hour.


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